Types of Assets

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What types of Assets do we already posses which are making or can make the initial money and what type of assets we need to acquire to keep that money flowing in like a perennial river.

Before telling you about the types of assets, let me first again remind you about what an Asset is?

Asset is something which gives you something.

We will divide them on the basis of what is the nature or behavior of the asset and on the basis of what are we getting

  1. Happy Assets

  2. Monetary Assets

  3. Skilled Assets/Leisure Assets/Talented Assets

  4. Ultimate Assets

  1. Happy Assets – Assets that gives you feeling of happiness, ecstasy, content, joy and fulfillment are the Happy Assets. It can come from achieving a materialistic goal or from going on a vacation or from having one’s favorite meal deliciously cooked or having a cup of coffee with your loved one or a great conversation or from meeting an old best friend after a long time.
    I have put this type of asset on top priority to acquire because without happiness, money is a waste and acquiring this asset can costs nil to infinite. Many beggars are more happier than many known billionaires.
    A happy person is the richest person. If you want to be rich learn to be happy first. Do whatever it takes to make you happy. Ignore every that thing that takes this Asset away from you.
    It has been rightly quoted : “Smile and the whole world smiles with you“. Everyone likes to do business with a smiling happy soul than a dreaded one. A happier business person always earns more than a miserable, mournful always sorry business person.
    The easiest and the cheapest way to acquire this asset is to imagine that you are living the life you are aspiring (Fake it till you Make it). A smile will automatically come to your face with the feeling of fulfillment and repeating it every now will make it happen(law of attraction).
    Universe reverse what you emit and with a thousand times increased frequency. You emit happy frequencies, universe will revert more happier frequencies in form of love, money, assets, family, friends, food and many more.
  2. Monetary Assets – Assets that give you money are Monetary Assets. These you can acquire through any skilled or regular Assets. I will tell you how to use your skilled and regular assets to make money and make ultimate assets which will give you regular passive income. I will help you achieve the target of passive regular income with step by step guide.
    It has been said that money is the root of all evil, it’s actually the lack of money which is the root of all evil.

    I am not asking you to run after money. Neither i am asking you to miss the opportunities to grow financially sound. My view on it is if one has the capacity to earn and if one has the knowledge of how money works. He should not leave the chances which can help him grow and the one’s who doesn’t have should try to learn how money actually works.
    Money can’t buy you everything. But if you have 100 problems, money definitely can solve 96 of them. 
  3. Skilled Assets/Leisure Assets/Talented Assets – These are the assets which are either inborn or the ones which you have acquired with time. As the name suggests it is your skill, talent or any activity you have been doing in your leisure time. Be it singing, dancing, cooking, fitness freak, guitarist, drummer, any hobby, any talent, any skill which you have been doing since months or years. This is the thing you are almost perfect in. These are your assets which can solve dual purpose, these can give you both money and happiness as you do it on your will with all your conscience and focus.
    Now how to use these assets to make money, this is the thing i am going to help you with. This is the money which will help create Ultimate assets. 

    It has been rightly said that a skilled man can never die poor.
  4. Ultimate Assets – These are the physical regular assets which our economics consider as assets like stocks, real estates, bonds, investment plans etc. These are the assets which all rich person posses. To acquire these assets we need money. These are the assets which will keep the money flowing in, which will help you get passive income. Your ultimate aim should be to do everything to make these Ultimate Assets. These are the assets which will make you and your generations rich. But before doing anything right knowledge and right information is needed about that. So I will be telling you about these assets when you will be earning initial money to make ultimate assets from skilled assets. You will be practicing with the ultimate assets in simulation modes which I will share here.
    I will help you do all of it step by step with small figures like 1 buck earning first and then 10 bucks and then 100 bucks and so on till you achieve bigger figures.

In the next post I will tell you about how to start earning money through skilled/talented assets and if you don’t have any of the required skill how and where to learn them !

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